Friday, November 8, 2013

Book of Shadows

Can I have the Book of Shadows on my computer?

In this day & age, We tend to do whatever is most convenient, whatever is quickest & easiest... We can do anything, right?

With magick though, we always need to stop and think about the Best way to do things. Like when we are holding a Ritual and want to raise energies... We have to choose how we are going to do this. Some Witches choose to play drums or other music, or chant, dance, etc. And it's the same thing with our Book of Shadows, we have to consider what is the best method of creating & keeping our BoS...
Nobody is going to your home to fight with you because your book of shadows on the computer. However, there are two very significant reasons for you Not to have Just an On-line BoS:

1) When we Write in our own handwriting in our Book of Shadows, it is a physical act of power transmission . By transmitting our own energies into the BoS we can ensure that the book is ours alone, it is imbued with our energy . And this is extremely important in magick. It doesn't matter what your handwriting is like, It is not beauty that is at stake, you know, but the energy that you put in your book by writing it by hand. What I do is write out the spell onto a small piece of paper (or sometimes I do print it out, because I know that I am adding my energy when I work on the BoS page) and then I will emboss it, or burn the edges of the spell paper, and then glue it onto the page. I also add bits of stuff; like pieces of wood, leaves, dried flowers, herbs... whatever spell components I am using in the spell. This enhances the spell Page's energy.

2) The second reason is because you will need to have the book with you while doing your Rituals or Spell work. Having the book on your computer may be okay, but not very practical. In most situations you can not access the computer, I suppose you could use a tablet (if you have one) a laptop is probably going to be to bulky and distracting. Maybe I'm old school about this, but I just don't think it's practical. If you do choose to use a tablet or other device, be sure it's cleansed & warded regularly.

What I suggest is that you have Both and Online Book of Shadows and a Physical Book of Shadows, or at least a Spell Book. This way you can keep track of important information that you find online, and print or write the stuff you want in you physical BoS...

What do you want for your Book of Shadows?

The first step in starting a Book of Shadows, is to decide What you Want. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. I've made spell books out of a simple tablet I bought at Walmart, handwritten from cover to cover... I've also had fancy one's full of art & design... As always, this choice is yours.

Once you have that decided...

Then you can decide, What do you want in your Book of Shadows? Are you going to use it as a magickal diary? or a place to collect & store information? To always have on hand information for their rituals? Deciding this is an important step to correct the composition of his book. Decide what is right for you. If you want a book with information, make a list of the information you want in the book (Gods & Goddesses, Correspondences, Ritual, Spells, etc)

Whatever your choice, keep in mind that your book should be:

~ Functional: It should work for you. There is no use having a beautiful and wonderful BoS if you can not even turn its pages right for fear of tearing it, or if it is difficult to write in.

~Organization: Whatever the form of your book, you must have organization, or else it is virtually impossible to find information.

~Beauty: Of course nobody wants to have an ugly book. It shows that you value your religion to have decorated it, but leave it the way you find most enjoyable. You may find it better be simple, with white sheets and without any pictures. I like the Charmed Book of Shadows, and tend to stain & crinkle my pages to give them an old look. You may want to have flowers & lace all around the edges. depends on you and what you consider beautiful. I find that I often add bits of leaves or odd things that I find around, simply hot-gluing stuff here & there... each page is decorate over time. And when the pages are all filled, and the Book can hold no more... I use it for a time, and then start a New Book... Sometimes this can take years... other times, I fill it up fairly quickly. It all depends on what is happening in my life at the time.


The pictures are just some of the Book of Shadows that I offer through my etsy shop

~Love & Light~

~Wicca Dreamers Mary~

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