Finding you Element

The Elements are the building blocks of nature.They are Beings of True Energy & Consciousness. Each Elemental Being reflects a basic energy pattern. They interweave to create & sustain all matter on Earth. All Elements exist in every aspect of nature and in every person. In Wicca we call upon the Elementals to Stand Guard at the Four Corners of our Circles. In Wicca the forces of Nature are classified according to one of the classic Elements, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Operating at the most primal level with these expressions of force in the natural world are beings called Elementals. 

There is often confusion regarding the differences between Elementals and other Nature Spirits, the one's commonly called Elves and Faeries. Most people link them together as either Nature Spirits or as Elementals, but there is a big difference.
Elementals are close to being true energy and consciousness.
We are more likely to have rapport and resonance with some Elementals and Nature Spirits than others, and it is important to understand and determine this.
There are two simple ways of determining this; Your Astrological sign, and your Birth Name. Both of these things will provide the clues we need to determine which of the Elementals you will be able to attune with most easily and consciously.
Every Astrological sign is associated with one of the Four Elements; Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Your Birth sign reflects those energies your soul hopes to unfold and develop over this lifetime. This has been pre-determined by your soul before you were born, hence the reason As you begin to work with the elements, your primary concern should be with the Element associated with your birth sign. The Element of that sign indicates a group of Elemental Beings from the Elemental Kingdom. These Beings will assist you throughout this lifetime if you learn to be open to them.

     Element          Vowel           Sign of Zodiac             Elemental Beings

  • Fire                  I             Aries, Leo, Sagittarius             Salamanders                                    
  • Earth                U           Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn           Gnomes                                      
  • Air                    E            Gemini, Libra, Aquarius             Sylphs                                                 
  • Water               O           Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces           Undines                                         
  • Ether                A            Ether is the substance from which all elements came forth. It Overrides and permeates all creation, all signs and all Elemental Beings.

The second way of determining which Elementals you have the most natural resonance with is through your First name. Remember, this is your Birth name. It is, like your astrological chart, an energy signature, reflecting the play of certain forces within your life. The Primary Vowel in your first name indicates which groups of Elemental Beings you can align most easily. The primary vowel in your first name is the vowel which is most pronounced. The other vowels in your first name indicate other groups of Elementals with which you are also attuned to . 
If the Astrological sign and the name Element are the same, it indicates that you have come to double your work with that group of Beings and the energies that they work with. It they are opposite, they do not cancel each other out. 
If you have one sign indicated by your astrological chart, and a different one indicated by your name, it means that you are aligned with both these Elements and both are equally important to you.

Combined Elements                     Influences
  • Fire with Fire: Overstimulates impulses and passion; provides much energy for life goals.                                                                          
  • Air with Air: Generates excessive mental processes; provides a whirlpool of ideas and expressiveness.                                             
  • Water with Water: Gives added depth and sensitivity: may demand realistic focus                                       
  • Earth with Earth: Causes inertia, materialism, stability; awakens latent talents.                                                          
  • Fire with Air: Strengthens and raises ideals; stimulates inspiration and creativity                                     
  • Fire with Water: Teaches alchemical and life-changing processes: awakens rebirth and useful ideas.                                           
  • Earth with Air: Demonstrates how to stabilize volatile conditions in life; revitalizes.                                                             
  • Earth with Water: Demonstrates the necessity of growth; stabilizes restlessness; awakens compassion.                                      
  • Air with Water: Renews and refreshes; Broadens sympathies and modifies oversensitiveness.                                                                                                                                                                         The Ether Element will accentuate and intensify the relationship and activity of every Elemental force to which it is applied, for good or bad. 

It is important to know & understand your primary Element. The primary elements of your sun sign and your name provide the fuel you need to live. The other elements are important too though, as we cannot exist without all the elements. If you are missing any of the four elements you will have to make an extra effort to work with this element, for instance, if you have no water in either your name or astrological chart, you may have to go out of your way to spend time around watery environments and work more consciously to attune with the water element, in order to find balance in your life. 

<information gathered from Ted Andrews 'Enchantment of the Faerie Realm'>

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