Friday, November 15, 2013

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides...  All of us have them. They are all around us, all we have to do is except them, open ourselves up enough to see or hear them. Understanding what these Spirit Guides are, and what they do, is instrumental in being able to contact them, being able to receive and interpret their messages, and allow them to protect & guide us.
There are many different types of Spirit Guides... Animal Spirit Guides are but one aspect of this complicated array. I have worked with Animal Spirit Guides for about 10 years now. Before I began communicating with my Animal Spirit Guides,  I worked mainly with human spirit guides, which are simply spirits who were once a human being, like you and I. They have lived their life, performed their tasks, died, and crossed over to the spirit realm. Some spirits choose to reincarnate into a new life right away, and begin the Journey anew. Others, however, make the choice to remain in the Spirit Realm, so that they can help others still living to learn their life's lessons and spiritually advance. This is one type of Spirit Guide.
This type of Spirit Guide is often easier to understand, their messages are clearer and less open to interpretation. Because they were once human, they are well aware of the problems we face in everyday life, they understand the nuances of living as a human. They were once concerned with very similar matters. They tend to have their own special areas of expertise, often based on past personal experiences or careers they have had in a past.
The generally excepted types for this Spirit guide include; Ascended Masters, Ancestral Guides, or a Teacher Guide. These are the types of spirits you want to join you as guides. They have remained within the spiritual realm to aid and assist the living.
Many people assume that contacting and working with their spirit guides requires an extra special talent. It does not. It simply is a matter of being open to receiving the guidance that is always available to us. When most people think of contacting a Spirit Guide, they assume that you must have some sort of Psychic Ability, you must be a Medium, be Clairaudient, or be Telepathic... While having these abilities does aid in contact, it is not necessary. Most of those abilities are available to everyone, with proper training and practice anyway... but not necessary to begin working with Spirit Guides. I often hear (or read) people claiming to have Natural Psychic Abilities, and I just want to point out that Every one of us has those abilities... Maybe they didn't have to work at it, or maybe their use of their ability came natural to them... but we all have these abilities, they are just unused in most people.

There are dangers in working with this type of Spirit Guide, and anyone new to this should not attempt to contact the spirit realm without protection. Using any divination tool without proper knowledge, training and protection can open you up to dangerous forces. By studying and learning about such things, you can prepare yourself in advance. I would not recommend that anyone ever try to contact the spirit realm, even looking for guides, with out knowing these dangers and how to protect yourself from them.
Just like in every aspect of occult workings today, there are those people who will say that there are no Demons, no sinister forces who want to hurt you... I know many psychics will tell you that All human spirits are good and just want to help, but this is simply not true. Whether you call them Demons, or Shadow People, or any other name, there are entities out there that are attracted to magick. They wait and watch for an opportunity to strike. For reasons known only to themselves, they Do mean you harm. So, do not simply grab a Ouija board and attempt to use it.
Remember, a Ouija board is a form of voluntary possession. It is a way of contacting those within the spirit realm, of drawing a spirit to you. But the spirit does not move the planchette itself, it moves it Through you... In order for the Ouija board to work, you basically have to give the spirit permission to posses you.  Once you've opened yourself up to the Ouija board, it's a crapshoot as to what's going to try to make contact -- if you're just randomly calling upon any nearby entity, then you don't know who or what is moving that planchette around, or what its purpose is... You should keep that in mind. It's like meeting someone online... you don't know who that person really is, you don't even know what they Really look like... and it's all good, until you meet someone who turns out to be a psycho killer. Which is why we learn to protect ourselves when meeting someone online, just in case. It's the same thing with meeting a spirit, you have no idea who you are meeting... a little care & protection can mean allot. It's like I always say "Knowledge is Power' so if you are interested in finding this type of spirit guide, Read, Study & Learn, BEFORE you attempt contact.

One of the things about having this type of Spirit Guide and being able to communicate with the spirit realm is that it takes longer to learn. It also takes more precautions, more protection.

This is just my beliefs about Spirit Guides, what I've learnt or been taught. I'm sure there are many different opinions out there, this is just mine.

Love & Light
Wicca Dreamers, Mary

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