Draconian / Dragon Wicca

A common question that is always asked... What exactly is Draconian Wicca?

Draconian / Dragon Wicca

In the Wiccan Religion there are many Traditions, or Paths. Every Wiccan must decide for themselves what path they will follow. There are many Wiccans who believe in Faeries, many who utilize the Fae's magick in their own Rituals and Spell work. Understanding working with Dragons is not much different. I have worked with Dragons for years. As a child I was always drawn to Dragons, as J.R.R. Tolkien said, "It simply isn't a Tale worth Telling, if there are no Dragons" Well, to me, it wasn't a book worth reading, if there were no Dragons.

Dragon Wicca is much like any other Wicca Tradition, although it is not a recognized Tradition by many Wiccans. It follows many of the same 'rules' as other Wicca Traditions. In Draconic Wicca there is a Code of Honor, and it has it's own Holidays,festivals, Rituals and correspondences. Dragons represent the Four Elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water... all of which may be worked with in different way, on different occasions and for different reasons, depending on the purpose of the Ritual or Spell.

Draconic Magick has always been handed down from Master to Student, you won't find may books written about this practice. D.J.Conway is one such author, and there are many Draconic Wiccan's who refute much of her writing I personally love her book 'Dancing with Dragons'.

Following a Draconic path is not an easy endeavor, it is a very demanding path. Self-discipline is of the utmost importance in developing the character it takes to follow this path. Dragons are not at all like people, they do not 'hold back' for fear of hurting your feelings. They expect you to know & understand certain basic truths about yourself. You must be able to except yourself for who you are, and this can mean visiting some dark corners of your past, your inner self, and it can cause life-altering changes. For this very reason some people are never able to accomplish their goal of working with Dragons.

There is a very real difference between those who follow a Dragon Path and other Wiccans / Pagans who simply love Dragons and include them in their Rituals... Draconian Wiccans tend to Believe that Dragons represent Wisdom & Balance, but more than that, they believe that Dragons should Always hold Deity eminence when included in ceremonial magick. So, while some Wiccans / Pagans may include them in their Rituals, may even Revere them, Dragons do not usually reach Deity Status.

In Draconian beliefs, the Dragon is the All-High, and is held in an exalted position in any Ritual. We believe that placing another Deity in a position above that of the Dragon, is an Insult to the Dragon.

The worship of Dragons is not new. Throughout the World people have worshipped Dragons. There is evidence of Dragon Worship as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. These powerful beings have always been around. It is my belief that they retreated with the Fae away from the Realm of Man, and that they stand guard at the gates to the Fae Realms.

Dragons are considered Lightworkers. They are part of the collective that is in service to the Light. It is a common belief amongst Draconian Wiccans that Dragons are able to infuse their souls into bodies that are not Dragon. Many people even believe they can in this way, become men and women and walk among us. By doing this, they can work for Light. Some call any magickal practice with Dragons is to “Dance with Dragons”, but they can be more then just a dance partner. As teachers of ancient knowledge their grasp of it is deep and profound. Their ability to help in divination is astonishing and quite accurate. As protectors during rituals and everyday life there are no equals. And if a Dragon chooses to take you under their wings you will have the opportunity of learning knowledge and evolving your magical ability, which few have done.

Channeling (or calling) a Dragon can be performed by anyone. It is only necessary that you Believe. When called a Dragon will usually appear as themselves, but there are other times when you will see them as winged humans, or winged animals. When Calling a Dragon into your circle you should Always show Respect. There are many reasons for calling a Dragon, but the most common reason is because of the Energies the Dragons bring to your Ritual. A Dragon will instantly raise the auric vibrations within the circle, allowing you to draw upon this energy while working your magick.

Dragons are famous for their protective nature. There are many myths about Dragons who protect Treasure... but they are protectors of people as well. A Dragon serves as a Powerful Guardian and Guide.

People are always asking me "How do I know what my Guardian is?" or "How do I connect with my Guardian?" The answer to both of these questions is actually very simple, You Listen. If you already have a Guardian, it probably has been trying to get your attention for some time, and you just haven't been able to Hear or See it. So... Stop. Just Stop. Get away from the Noise of daily life and go somewhere where there is no noise... No T.V. No Internet... and just Listen. Relax... Meditate... Visualize... Allow that which you have been blocking out to enter into your thoughts, and let your Guardian know that you are now ready to Listen.

This is the same for any guardian, not just Dragons.

Elemental Dragons

Air Dragons:

Ruler: Sairys (pronounced Sair-iss)

Color: Yellow, light blue, silver, white and gray...

Air Dragons are Dragons of Knowledge.

Control Over: Air, Winds

Discription: Long & slender. Guazy wings. Scales often have a feather like quality,

They govern the Eastern quarter of the Circle and you can apply Eastern associations to these dragons.

Positive associations: New beginnings, the Spring, breath, optimism, joy, intelligence, mental quickness and renewal.

Negative associations: Frivolity, gossip, fickleness, inattention, stagnation, bragging, and forgetfulness.

Call upon this type of Dragon when you wish to blow away the old beliefs or actions from your life, they are excellent at helping you to make changes to your life, they help you find openness to new ideas. They can also help you sharpen your mind, your psychic abilities.

Other forms of Dragons that fall under this category are Lightening Dragons, Storm Dragons, Wind Dragons, and Weather Dragons.

Fire Dragons:

Ruler: Fafnir (pronounced faf-near)

Color: Red, Amber, Orange and all shades of Flames

Fire Dragons are Fierce Protectors

Control Over: Heat, All forms of Fire

Description: Thick and heavy bodies, Long snake-like necks and tails. Wicked looking horns on their heads

They govern the Southern Quarter of the circle and Southern correspondences can be applied to Fire Dragons.

Positive association: Summer, the sun, blood, any kind of helpful fire, enthusiasm, activity, change, passion, courage, daring, will power, and leadership.

Negative associations: Hate, jealousy, fear, anger, war, ego, conflicts, and irritability.

Call upon this type of Drago when for personal purification on any level, for energy or courage, and for the stamina needed to pursue your dreams and finish important projects. You can also use their potent magick to help remove barriers, but once they are set on a course they are very difficult to halt and will go through or over anything or anyone to achieve their goal. If you don't have a good working relationship with these Dragons and you employ them they can turn your spell into something destructive that will 'burn' through all obstacles and leave ruin in their place.

Other forms of Fire Dragons are Steam Dragons, Heat Dragons, Lava Dragons, and Desert Dragons.

Water Dragons:

Ruler: Naelyon (pronounced nail-yawn)

Color: Blue, dark blue, blue green, and turquoise

Water Dragons are drawn by Strong Emotions

Description: long and serpentine body and rarely have legs or wings. Scales have a silvery or shimmery hue to them and they tend to have a feathery fringe around their mouths. Many times they appear looking like Oriental dragons and their eyes may have a glowing quality to them.

Water Dragons govern the Western quarter of the Circle and Western associations may be applied to these dragons.

Positive Associations: Calm water, compassion, peacefulness, forgiveness, love, intuition, calmness, peace of mind, and fluidity.

Negative Associations: Floods, storms, laziness, indifference, instability, lack of emotional control, insecurity, and overwhelming grief.

Call upon this type of Dragon when you need assistance dealing with emotions, either calming or stirring up. These Dragons can aid you in opening you psychic centers and aid in Divination as well. Anytime you have to deal with anything that will tax your emotions you should ask water dragons to lend their aid.

Other types of Water Dragons are Ice Dragons, Mist Dragons, and Rain Dragons

Earth Dragons:

Ruler: Grael (pronounced grail)

Color: Green, every shade of Brown and Black

Earth Dragons are very quiet beings, who prefer to observe from a distance.

Description: Their bodies tend to be very heavy and most of them have four legs, when they have wings their wingspan is enormous. They tend to have a ridge of sharp scales down their necks and back, their body scales are often very reminiscent of armor.

Earth Dragons govern the Northern Quarter of the Circle and Northern associations may be applied to them.

Positive Associations: Respect, endurance, strength, responsibility, stability, prosperity, thoroughness, and having a purpose in life.

Negative Associations: Rigidity, unwillingness to change, stubbornness, and lack of consciousness, vacillation, and weakness.

Call upon this type of Dragon when you need assistance building a long-lastin relationship, completing long-range goals, or need to invoke some stabability into your life. You can call upon their help for physical or mental endurance, strength, steadfastness.

If you are planning to do a spell for enduring prosperity and success, earth dragons are excellent for this but they expect you to work towards your goals and not demand that they deliver it to you.

Other kinds of Earth Dragons are Stone Dragons, Nature Dragons, Mountain Dragons, and Forest Dragons.

Chaos Dragons:

Ruler: None

Color: Pure Black

Chaos Dragons are Dragons of Creation & Uncreation

Description: Largest of all Dragons. The have wide, wedge-shaped heads, thier tails are long and often barbed or spiked. Huge wings.

Chaos Dragon magick is mainly concerned with the re-creation of lives, relationships, and careers. You can employ them to help break through barriers, with changing luck, and in bringing about vast changes... Just Remember, Before it can be Rebuilt, it must be Taken apart or Destroyed. This can be a very painful prosses, trust me, I've been through it.

You can work with them to explore past lives and their magick is particularly powerful aids in divination.

Their magick is also used to confine anything that will hinder you in forward growth and movement, if you invoke this aspect of them be prepared to have everything that is holding you back leave you life whether you want it gone or not. This is the type of Dragon that we work with when we talk about 'riding the dragon’; eventually during this ritual we will have to confront our worst enemy ~ ourselves...

Chaos Dragons can also be heralds warning of catastrophe, to ignore what they have to say may bring about destruction in our lives.

How to Find Your Elemental Dragon Guide

To find your Dragon Guide, you must first find your Element...

As a general rule, you can go by your astrological sign;

Capricorn - Earth

Aquarius - Air

Pisces - Water

Aries - Fire

Taurus - Earth

Gemini - Air

Cancer - Water

Leo - Fire

Virgo - Earth

Libra - Air

Scorpio - Water

Sagittarius - Fire

Once you determine which Element you resonate with most easily, simply match it to the Elemental Dragon... for instance, I am a Capricorn, my Element is Earth and my Guardian Dragon is an Elemental Earth Dragon. 


In Alchemy, the Ouroboros is a purifying sigil.

The name Ouroboros means "tail-devourer" in Greek.

It is an ancient and important mythical and religious symbol depicting a dragon or serpent with its tail in its mouth which forms a circle. This image has represented numerous things throughout time including the concepts of cyclically, primordial unity, and the vicious circle. It has also been frequently used in alchemical illustrations. More recently, it has been interpreted by psychologists, such as Carl Jung, as having an archetypal significance to the human psyche.

Dragon Color Meanings

Purple Dragon;

The Purple Dragon, sometimes referred to as "the ancient one", is the embodiment of the highest level of the dragon collective (the wisdom).

The purple dragon is many dragons. Once a Dragon reaches a high enough evolution, they become part of the collective. All these consciousnesses are compiled into one composite that holds all the wisdom and knowledge of the Dragons.

The Purple Dragon is the 'Law Giver' Setting the rules for all others to follow. This is the Dragon who often appears to test you. Failing these tests can have bad results. These test are to judge a persons honesty, integrity and loyalty...All of the things that the Dragons look for when answering a summons from us. You do not call upon the purple. His visits are random.

Silver Dragons;

Reflection, they inhabit the meridians of the universe. These dragons come around when we look into ourselves. Perspectives are a good word for silver dragons, and they see every perspective from every reflection.

Orange Dragons;

The will is the color orange. These dragons bring in strength, confidence, and bravery. Fire dragons by nature, they move with quickness. They don't inflate ego's, they merely instill confidence.

Green Dragons;

The green dragon is the planet dragon, or earth dragon. Material in a big sense, however green is the color of life in the big picture. Lessons of "the material", are a big part of the way they teach. I would categorize the earth dragon among these qualities as well.

Brown Dragons;

Brown dragons are about physicality, and all its properties. They are masters of physics, on all realities, from shaping matter (shape shifting), to gravity, and physical form. Sphere is a keyword to understanding the brown dragon.

Blue Dragons;

They are about the consciousness, communication, and mental awareness. They are also intricately linked with what illusion is, how to see through it, and how to create it. There are many illusions on this plane, and the blue dragon can guide one through them. Their insight into the etheric plane is tremendous, they see how it moves and works, because it is one of the primary realms for these dragons to do their mental work.

Red Dragons;

(Besides representing the Mother/Female Goddess)

Red dragon characteristics are desire, passion, fire, rage. These dragons literally eat darkness, and transmute it to light. Intensity is only matched by the amount of fire these dragons wield. To them energy is food...

White Dragons;

White dragons maintain the purity of the collective, the grace connection. They often are guardians. These dragons can also be channeled for healing.

Gold Dragons;

The golden ray, the creative spark are aspects of gold dragons. They are the keepers of phi. They speak the language of the heart. Art and music are brought here by gold dragons. Gold dragons can be channeled for healing. See sacred geometry, and the golden means.

Dragon Deities

Dragon God Gneicht;

Gneicht is the ruler of the Night... of doorways (both opening and closing them)

As a guide his visit speaks of opportunities, both taken and missed, depending on the type of message he brings you...

Morthan (moor'-z'dan)

Dragon Goddess of bountiful harvests of all kinds; Mother aspect of Dragonkind. Nurturing, Protective and Generous...

Call on Morthan when in need of emotional support or financial assistance.

Veaug (vog)

Dragon God of obscurity and that which is hidden; does not like assisting in hiding actions or objects. This dragon is adept at finding things from the Ancients that have been lost in obscurity (old tomes, amulets, magickal items) His assistance can further the summoners knowledge greatly, but he is easily angered, be sure that the item you seek is worth his time before calling upon him...

Luqueas (luk-wee-ass, long U, long E)

Dragon trickster God; take great care when inviting His presence. He is a joker, a wild card. His action are not always in the best interest of the summoner. He is like a politician, he can talk circles around most people & beings, but his words are not always truthful. He can be a strong ally... If you are careful.

Tysteal (tiss'-dell)

Dragon Shepherd Goddess; guardian of the meek; a dragon person's first line of defense.

Call upon Tysteal when in need of Protection.

Mordak (moo-ór-dak)

Dragon God of war, vengeance and retributions of all kinds; make dead certain that you are within your magickal rights before calling Him down, as he is not amused by a fallacious summons.

Davliteau (dav-lí-too)

Dragon God of conjured entities; very helpful in ridding one's self of "sent" conjurations and the like; benevolent to the core; very helpful and willing attendant being, though He has little power in other areas. He acts as a protector from other Beings or Dragons who are sent to harass or harm you. He can be called upon when you are having trouble controlling one of the lesser Beings.

Ouida (o-weed'-a, long O, soft a)

Dragon Goddess of guidance.

Call upon Ouida when you are uncertain of your Path, if you are unsure of which life-choice to make. She can help with decisions about finances, marriage, carrier choices, etc.

She is one who stands in the Doorway of Time, Looking both ways at once.

Solange (so-londg')

Dragon deity of healing. Though Dragons rarely become involved in human affairs, Solange cares about those who care for others. He will lend a healing touch to any beneficial healing spell, but there is a price for His assistance. He requires the planting of fruit trees (three at the least and 9 at the most) for his services. He will also attend to your herb garden and bless it with His dragon power.

Ryusan (rí-u-san, long I, long U)

Translates literally to "my dragon." Ryusan, of the three-headed Japanese variety, is best at consoling and nurturing a hurt spirit, whether it be in a host body or not. Ryusan is an expert at guiding spirits on to their next journey. Ryusan can contact those who have passed on. He is a Guardian of the Veil and stand between our realm and the realm beyond. This is the Dragon you would call upon with assistance in Divination...

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