Dragon Magick: Making a Dragon Thunderstone Amulet

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The Difference between a Talisman & an Amulet

There is a fundamental difference between a Talisman and an Amulet. Looking around the net I see that many people are confused about these differences. People are saying things like, "a Talisman is a man-made object and an Amulet is formed by Nature" This is as far from the truth as you could get.
First of all...
Over the centuries, Amulets and Talismans have sometimes changed or shared definitions, though they have separate magickal functions. The simplest way to understand the difference is to understand that an Amulet Repels... and a Talisman Draws...


The word Amulet comes from the Latin word 'Amolior' which means 'to drive away'. 
An Amulet is used for Protection. Most amulets are designed to 'drive away' negative forces, or to protect you from such forces. An Amulet is considered passive (used for protection & preventative reasons)
Some people will tell you that an Amulet can only be made out of Natural material (a stone from a riverbed, or herbs, a bone, etc.) Although we tend to think of an Amulet as a single object, the Egyptian words for Amulet have a less restrictive meaning. The word 'sa' can mean a group of objects; the cord they were strung on, or the bag that contained them, as well as words and gestures needed to activate them. 
In most magickal symbolism, an Amulet is normally small, usually portable item that is unusual in nature, and can be worn as jewelry or carried with a person, placed in a house, office or car and can be temporary or permanent. An Amulets job is to Ward Off Danger, Negativity and Sickness... It is a Protective Device.
Natural Amulets (wood, bone,seeds, herbs) depend on their association with the Elements and the inherent energy of the item. For example, a Wolf's tooth consecrated & charged and place in the home for protection would connect the energy of the Wolf species (guarding against attack, guarding family energy, etc) Whereas an Amulet made of Garlic would work on the principle of the garlic's Natural healing energy to ward off sickness. 
Amulets aren't reserved for just people and can be found tacked onto homes, barns, sheds, and even government buildings, as well as around gardens, fields, and tied onto animals. The modern day scarecrow is a type of Amulet set in fields to ward off negative energies that might harm crops. So, even though the scarecrow is man-made, it is considered a protective device just the same. Human made Amulets serve the same function to protect. 


The word Talisman comes from the Greek root 'teleo' which means 'to consecrate'. The Talisman is designed to Draw something to you. A Talisman is considered active. The energy imbued into a Talisman is always actively pulling/drawing something towards you...like success, or money, a person, a guide, etc. 
A Talisman can be used to help you draw a certain energy to you, for instance, if you are having trouble connecting with your Animal Spirit Guide, the use of a Talisman will draw your guide to you. Or if you are having dating problems, and always seem to attract the worst possible people into your life, the use of a Talisman can draw positive people towards you... it can be used to attract/draw positive energy into your life. 
A Talisman is designed to transmit energy; such as bringing positive energy to you. For example; If you always wear the same unwashed socks before an athletic event to bring you luck, then those stinky, smelly socks would be considered a Talisman. 

So, Basically, the Difference between a Talisman and an Amulet is simple:
The Talisman Brings in....The Amulet pushes away.
What can be confusing is that Both can be (but not always) used for protection.

You will discover that everyone has a differing opinion about this. I think one reason for this is that the definitions for these tools have been blended together over the centuries. 

This pic is of a garden ball,
not exactly the same, but it
should give you an idea of
what the stone will look like

Dragon Thunderstone Amulet

  • One round smooth stone that fits into the palm of your hand, preferably from a water source (river, lake,etc)
  • Several small pieces of a mirror (rather than breaking a mirror, you may want to check at your local craft store)
  • A blue candle
  • A Chalice/Cup of Water (this can be bottled water, so pick a bottled water that is natural spring water if possible) 
  • A soft cloth, white or blue (a towel or other absorbent cloth will do)
  • Incense; choose a protective incense, such as angelica, bay, bayberry, birch, cinnamon or jasmine
          • Glue 
          • Note: These supplies should be cleansed prior to use


  • This should be preformed on the Night of the Full Moon...
  • Set up your altar for Dragon magick ( include a symbol for the Dragon Goddess, a red candle will do) Place the blue candle in the center of you altar and place the stone in front of it, with the mirror pieces around it.
  • Cast a circle and call Dragon Quarters (Light the incense and any candles you have representing the Dragon Guardians)
  • Light the Red candle and Call & Greet the Great Mother Dragon to your circle
  • Ground & Center yourself (meditate)
  • Light the blue candle, calling upon the Elemental Dragons of Water
"Calm Water, Moving Water, Seas & Lake,
I Call upon the Water Drake.
Naelyan (Nail-yon) !
As Your Power flows through the land,
Let it now flow through my hand!"

  • Offer the Chalice of Water up to the Water Elemental in Offering, Take a drink from the chalice... then place the stone into the chalice, immersing it completely and allowing it to soak up the energies from the Water Element
  • Dry the stone carefully (& reverently) with the cloth
  • Take the stone and holding it carefully, first hold it above the incense so that the smoke of the incense wafts over it, and then above the blue candle, allowing the flame of the candle to just barely touch it (be careful not to scorch it or burn yourself!)
  • Glue the pieces of mirror on top of the stone, arranging them as you wish, intone the following chant:
"To Guard, To Protect, To Ward off Evil,
Keep my home safe from upheaval.
Thunder to Shatter and Lightening to Blast,
So Mote it Be, this magick is cast."

  • Repeat this chant several times as you work on gluing the mirror pieces to the stone. When you are finished, blow on the stone, saying:
"As Above, So Below,
This Amulet is Sealed."

(Empower again on the next Full Moon, for extra power, infuse during a thunderstorm)

  • Close your circle as usual, Thanking & dismissing the Great Mother Dragon first, and then each Elemental Dragon in turn. 
  • Place the stone in a dark, safe place inside your home, somewhere that it won't be seen or disturbed by others. 

If you are looking for more information on Dragon Wicca or Draconic Magick, Please visit my Dragon Wicca site Wicca Dreamers; Dragon Wicca

(information was gathered from several sources; Silver RavenWolf's 'Solitary Witch', Wikipedia, etc)

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