Auras: 7 Layers of Energy

What is an Aura? How does it work? What does it mean?

Each of the 7 Layers of the Aura correlate
to the 7 Main Chakra Energy Centers 
An Aura is a measurable electromagnetic field that surrounds every object in the universe; this includes; Humans, animals, organisms, rocks, plants... everything has an Aura. Learning about the Aura, energy work in general, visualization techniques, and chakra work is an important part in magickal and spiritual studies.. These categories are combined into the Mysteries, and with daily practice can lead the student to spiritual enlightenment. By practicing the Mysteries everyday, Spirituality begins to flow through every part of your life in a happy, pleasing way. Things that would have normally stressed you out aren't such a big deal anymore. 

The Aura that is projected by & surrounds the Human body is made up of 7 interrelated layers. Each layer has a distinct and unique frequency. The Aura is produced by the energies given off by the chakra centers. Each person's Aura vibrates within their own frequency at different levels of strength and intensity. Because the Aura constantly gives off and absorbs energy, it can also be affected and reacts to other energies and frequencies. Such as another person's Aura...Keep in mind that exchanges of energy take place all the time, with everyone you meet. It is important to understand how this process works, how the energies are exchanged, and how this exchange can affect you.
When you meet someone who has a negative attitude, or that carries allot of negative energy around with them, simply by being in close proximity with someone like this, you absorb their energy...and it can & does affect you in many ways; you may have odd thoughts or feelings that you're not sure why or where they come from, or you could even feel irritated or frustrated for no apparent reason.  
Disturbances that come from external sources and not from within have nothing to do with you at all, but simply may have everything to do with the energy you have accumulated and absorbed from other sources . These disturbances may lead to emotional problems, as well as physical health problems, if not corrected or restored. This is one reason why it is so important to cleanse your aura on a regular basis.

Each layer relates to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional conditions of an individual. Energetic vibrations of our feelings, thoughts, awareness, state of health and past experiences are stored in our different aura layers. The outermost layer of an aura's energy field can extend from 5-7 feet from a person's body, depending upon the person's overall health and well-being. Spiritual, emotional and physical health affect the size of the Aura field (That is not to say that a person with allot of negativity has a shortened expansion, strong negativity can project quite a ways)

The layers of an aura send information to the brain constantly. The Aura is a reflection of our true selves and is unique to each of us. The energy emanates in, through and around our Physical Being, which is a direct reflection of that which exists within. It is like a DNA blue print or picture of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our Aura changes with emotion, feelings, thoughts, spiritual awareness and even our health, though one color may be more predominant than others. Disturbances may show up as a portion of the envelope with ragged edges, or may appear as holes or gaps that may extend all the way back to the body or as irregularities to the uniform shape. Disturbances will also show as color changes.

The 7 Layers of the Human Aura

There are 7 main layers to the aura, the easiest way to identify and understand these layers is to associate each layer with one of the 7 main chakras. 

The First Layer: The Etheric Body:
The first field is called the etheric aura. This layer is the physical blueprint of the body. It spans about half an inch – 3 inches from the surface of the skin and holds information about our physical health. This layer connects primarily with our first chakra, our organs, glands and meridians. Like the base or root chakra, it relates to the health, survival and security of the physical body. Physical signs of illness and injury can be seen in this layer. The etheric layer is a major part of our immune system and usually appears to visual sight as a light blue or grey light. This is usually the easiest layer to see and the first layer seen.

The Second Layer: The Emotional Body:
This layer relates to your emotions and boundaries; emotions within us and emotions we have for others around us. The emotional layer is often seen as a swirling mass of energy around the body. Extending about 1 – 3 inches from our body, the emotional layer of the aura holds emotions and feelings. This is the vehicle through which we experience feelings as well as emotional life. It is primarily connected to our second chakra (the Sacral Chakra). Being constantly changing, the second field of aura reflects our current mood. This field can appear somewhat muddied when negative feelings and emotional blocks are present. Problems in this layer can have a negative impact at some point in the third and first layers.

The Third Layer: The Mental Body:
The third aura is known as mental layer. This layer stores and runs the programs associated with our basic beliefs, our intellect, personal power and understanding. This is the layer of thoughts and ideas. This layer is usually most visible around the head and shoulders as a yellow glow. It is in this layer that thoughts and ideas actually become substantiated. This layer is usually pretty easy to see. It will really stand out when you observe someone thinking or concentrating. Being connected to our third chakra (Solar Plexus) It extends anywhere from 3 – 8 inches from our body. This layer contains our thoughts, ideas and mental processes. Both the conscious and unconscious minds are active – it never rests unless we are meditating. In this layer, ideas and thoughts are rationalized and validated.

The Fourth Layer: The Astral Body:
The fourth layer is called the astral layer which spreads out about one foot. It is associated with the heart chakra, creating and metabolizing the energy of love for people around us as well as the world. If the first three layers of our aura reflect the physical nature and presence, this fourth layer is the window to our spiritual nature. This layer marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers...this coordinates between the Physical & Spiritual Being. This layer is responsible for interaction between people. It is the layer of love and of relationships. Your relationship with others, yourself, and your physical body.

The Fifth Layer: The Conceptual Body:
The etheric template is the fifth layer, protruding about two feet outward, the aura connects with the fifth chakra, sound, communication, vibration and creativity. This layer is the spiritual part of us created at conception, it is part of the DNA of that unique individual. This etheric body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level. It is the basic template of your uniqueness and inner identity. This layer serves primarily as a carbon copy of our physical body on the spiritual plane. The throat chakra is the power of transforming our thought into word, listening as well as taking responsibility for every action. It represents the Divine Spark and bears our Higher Self.

The Sixth Layer: The Celestial Body:
The sixth layer of the aura reflects our subconscious mind. It is known as the celestial layer which extends about 2 – 3 feet away from our body. This layer connects with the 6th chakra, the Third Eye. It is where our physical mind comes to connection with the spiritual mind through devotional practices and meditation. We arrived at this state through meditation and inner work realizing that there is actually no separation between all other beings and ourselves. This layer also holds the experiences of having a connection to something greater than ourselves. This layer is the body of the emotional level on the spiritual plane. It is the layer of group consciousness, clairvoyance, and it is the level of communication with other beings. 

The Seventh Layer: The Ketheric or Casual Layer (The Soul):
The last layer is called the causal layer or ketheric layer. This layer can extend to over three feet which surrounds and holds all other layers together. Vibrating at the highest frequencies, the seventh layer reflects all the experiences and events that our souls have undergone, either in the present lifetime or in past lifetimes. The ketheric layer is the link to "Deity", “God”, “Source”, “Creator” or “All That Is” and becoming one with the universe. This layer represents the Divine within Us and our connection with Deity. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level, it is our spiritual template. Through this layer we meld and become one with Spirit, the part that never dies it just evolves to higher levels. Through this layer we can access universal knowledge and it has all the memory of any past existences both physical and Spiritual. 

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