Dragon Wicca

Dragon Wicca; Just another path in Wicca?

Walking a Draconic path is different in many ways than that of other Wicca Traditions or Paths... and in many ways it is the Same.

All the usual 'rules' in Traditional Wicca still apply, only with Dragons they become somewhat more enforced. For instance, Truthfulness. This is an absolute must in working with any Powerful Being, especially Dragons. Honesty in All that you do. This may sound like a simple concept initially, but trust me, being Absolutely honest with Yourself is not easy. You cannot hide or ignore the things about yourself that you don't want to face. This is one of the first steps in learning to work with Dragons, and for many people it is not an easy one, but it is a step that must be taken. Perfection is not what you are seeking here, you are seeking Truth. You need to be able to Speak, Hear, See and Feel the Truth. In all things and in all ways. If you cannot speak the truth to yourself, Hear the truth about yourself, See with your own eyes the truth in the things that you do and Feel in your Soul the truth of who you are... Then you have allot of work to do if you wish to walk a Dragon Path...

You need to know how to practice visualization and meditation. If you don't meditate...start. One thing that we are 'taught' when we are kids is that 'daydreaming' is unproductive. People are so overwhelmed today with T.V. and Video games and Internet that they lose track of their true imaginative powers. I suggest turning off all those devices and sitting alone, quietly... not laying down in your bed! you'll fall asleep! But sitting somewhere where you won't be disturbed and just relaxing. Allow your mind to entertain you. Use your imagination. Meditate if you want, at least for part of the time. Recapturing the lost art of imagination is a must, at least as I see it, when following Any magickal path.

Consider this an Exercise and perform it at least once a day for no less than 15 minutes, longer if possible. Being able to simply close your eyes and see with your imagination will not happen over night, this is like any other exercise, you have to work at it.

For Any type of magick to be effective, you must be able to visualize in your mind the result you wish to happen. Picture it as if it were a fact, as if it had already happened. When you hear people talk about 'Setting your Intentions' This is what they mean. You draw upon the energies of the Elementals, the Dragons, or any other Powerful Beings you are working with, and concentrate that energy to Set your intentions... By visualizing your outcome inside your head.

Every Witch, Magician, or Mage who wishes work effective Spells, hold effective Rituals and See an effective outcome of their workings knows that the study of magick is a very serious endeavor. The 1 year and a Day before initiation is there for a reason. There are many things to learn. There are many things to learn, and you must posses the desire to grow and expand your knowledge through study and practice. Setting aside the time to meditate and to practice visualization skills is important. As is actually Studying! Read, Read, and Read some more! Learn. There is allot to learn... Question, yes, Question everything you read. Why? Where did this come from? Is there a basis for this? or did the writer simply make it up? Yes, even if you read it from me, Question it. Search out the Truth in All Things...

A Few Thoughts on Dragon Magick

Dragon Magick... Draconic Wicca... While many Pagans and Wiccans are enthralled with Dragons, there are not many who walk a Draconic Path. I think this is because there just isn't much information out there for anyone to follow. What few books there are around are vague and leave allot to the practitioner to figure out for themselves, there definitely is no "Draconian Wicca for Dummies"
I, myself, have only been following Dragon Magick for a few years, and I am the first to admit that I am not an expert, I do however have the bases down.
Keep in mind that there is not only one way to see & work with Dragons. There are many magickal systems in the world, and they each tend to look at Dragons in their own way. So... being the eclectic Witch that I am... I have been studying these varying forms of Dragon Magick... Picking bits & pieces of each, much the same way I have with Wicca, and forming my own Dragon Magick.
Some magickal systems think of Dragons as Elemental Energies. Powerful forces, much like the Elementals themselves, who appear to the practitioner as a pure energy being, taking their form from the Elements themselves, as do the Elementals.
Other magickal systems see the Dragons as purely symbolic, having no true substance, no true existence.
Still other magickal systems see the Dragons as Real creatures, creatures with a physical body, who come & go from the astral plane as they please. They say they have seen them, heard them, and felt their power...

The worlds mythologies are overflowing with tales about Dragons. All the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Throughout the world, in almost every ancient culture, there are mythological tales about Dragons who have helped form & shape the world. Dragons have always been tied to magick, and have played a part in the shaping of cultural perceptions of spirituality...

Descriptions of how a Dragon looks and acts vary from culture to culture.
In the Orient, Dragons have always been portrait as Benevolent Beings. Oriental Dragons are typically portrayed as long, scaled, serpentine creatures with four legs. These Dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The Dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.
In European-influenced cultures, the Dragon has aggressive, warlike connotations.
In European folklore, a Dragon is a serpentine legendary creature with two pairs of lizard-type legs and bat-type wings growing from its back.
In Western folklore, dragons are usually portrayed as evil, with the exceptions mainly in Welsh folklore and modern fiction.
Dragons of Slavic mythology hold mixed temperaments towards humans. For example, Dragons in Bulgarian mythology are either male or female, each gender having a different view of mankind. The female Dragon and male Dragon, often seen as sister and brother, represent different forces of agriculture. The female Dragon represents harsh weather and is the destroyer of crops, the hater of mankind, and is locked in a never ending battle with her brother. The male Dragon protects the humans' crops from destruction and is generally loving to humanity. Fire and Water play major roles in Bulgarian Dragon lore; the female has water characteristics, while the male is usually a fiery creature. In Bulgarian legend, Dragons are three headed, winged beings with snake's bodies.

All of that should give you an idea of how many mythological tales there are out there... There's also allot of tales from Italy, and several Saints, not just Saint George, but many other Saints slaying Dragons as well... I don't read much into those tales, as I figure they are mostly more or less just tales of Christians bashing the Dragons reputation... 

So, yes, I have studied a bit about mythology of Dragons... 

and yes, I have seen Dragons... which is why I work with them when doing magick... Seeing is believing as they say...

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