Draconic Wicca: Moon Phases

In the Dragon Tradition of Wicca the Moon's phases are followed exactly the same as in most Wiccan Traditions.
The Waxing (increasing) Moon is the time of Increase. It is the time for building and growth, the time to Draw things Towards you, such as money, love, or health.

The Waning (decreasing) Moon is the time for decrease, destruction, removal and binding. It is the time to Push things Away from you, such as negativity, bad habits or bad health.

Solar Spells done during the bright daylight hours are used for increasing magick, with Noon being the strongest hour of Daylight. Decreasing Solar magick should be done during the evening hours, as the Sun fades from the sky.

New Moon
The New Moon is the time of Beginnings. It is time to begin new ventures.
New Moon is a good time for doing magick, which involves growth (starting a diet, beginning a new course of study, etc.).
Here the first light in the cycle of the Moon begins.
New Moon workings can be done from the night of the New Moon until 3 nights after.

Waxing Moon
The Waxing, or Increasing phase of the Moon is the time from New Moon until Full Moon. During this time the Moon's Energies are Increasing. As the Moon grows in light, the energies of growth come with her.
This is the time of Increase. During this phase of the moon magick to Draw something towards you, to Increase, is best performed. It is the best time for doing magick for bringing something to you (prosperity, good luck, a new job etc.).

Full Moon
As anyone who works with Magick already knows, the Full Moon is the Time of Power; The Moon passes through its phases, from the time of New Moon, until it is Full, the Moon is collecting Energy. On Full Moon this energy is released. For 3 nights (the night before & the night after) It is time to work with this energy.
Full Moon is the Prime time for Rituals & Spells that involve prophecy, protection, divination. Any working that needs extra power. 

Waning Moon
This phase of the Moon is for Decreasing or Banishing Magick. This is the time when the moon’s energy is becoming weaker, diminishing... and we use this decreasing energy to our advantage by working spells to decrease unwanted things from our lives.
Waning Moon phases are best for doing magick for removing something from your life,clearing negative energies.
Waning Moon is the best time to work on cleansing your Karma. Past or present life karma workings should be done during Waning Moon. 

Can you tell a Waning Moon from a Waxing Moon?
When walking a Draconic Path and working with Dragons understanding the phases of the Moon are of utmost importance. Dragons are themselves magick practitioners, and the Moon phases are very important to them. As is working with a knowledgeable magick practitioner. 
I see allot of pictures on the net, I look through tons of pictures everyday. It surprises me how many people don't seem to know the difference between a picture of a Waxing Moon and a Waning Moon. It is the same for jewelry, I see pendants advertised as New Moon... and they are facing the Wrong Way... 
I am going to add this because it IS Important to know the difference!
The other day I saw an old friend, I hadn't seen her in years. She was proudly showing off her new tattoo... On her shoulder was a tattoo of the Moon... in Waning phase! "The New Moon means allot to me," she said, "It was by working with the New Moons energies that I have changed all of things about my life." What could I say? It was a Tattoo...
So... Remember! The easiest way to tell if its a Waxing or Waning Moon is to look at which side is "incomplete". When the Moon is illuminated in such a way that the side facing West (or Left in a picture) is "incomplete" the Moon is Waning (getting smaller). It the side to the East (or Right in a picture) is "incomplete" the Moon is Waxing (getting bigger)

This is just what I have learned or been taught... I'm sure there are other opinions out there.

~Love & Light~
~Wicca Dreamers~

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