Finding the Flower Faeries

Flowers have always been a great source of inspiration and energy. All aspects of flowers have been used by healers, metaphysicians, and poets. Many Flowers have been associated with the Gods & Goddesses and are often endowed with mystical qualities... 
Remember, that most flower faeries will reveal themselves in the colors of the flower itself. There are a vast variety of flowers and each has its own faeries & energies...

When you work with Nature you will find that each object, be it a Flower, a Tree, a Rock, etc. has its own type of Energies, Properties and Symbolic Significances... The Flower Faeries are some of the easiest Faeries to learn to commune with. They are also some of the most delicate & beautiful faeries of the Fae Realms. They are as myriad as the Flowers themselves and they serve many functions in regards to Flowers. Each Flower's energy vibrates at different frequencies. As you explore these aspects of flowers, you will gain insight into the characters associated with it. As you learn to attune to one flower faerie, you will find it much easier to attune to all Faeries...

Flower Faeries speak to us often. Most of the time, we don't pay attention. Have you ever been for a walk and caught the soft fragrance of a flower? The Faeries have greeted you. Have you ever commented on the beautiful color of a particular flower? The Faeries have caught your attention. Is there a particular flower that is your favorite? Its flower faeries have something special to share with you...

It is important to note that picking a flower does not stop the activities of the flower faeries and elementals. Part of the reason a rosebud will bloom even after it is picked is because of the continued work of the flower faeries...
Flowers in any form are sources of strong energy vibrations.
Dried Flowers give off a slightly different energy vibrations. 
Decayed and decaying flowers are breaking down. All of the energies of the flower faeries and elementals is at work assisting the breakdown of the flower, returning it to its natural element. Thus the energy of decaying flowers has an inverse effect. Instead of giving off energy, they Draw it away. Because of this, it is not beneficial to have decaying flowers indoors or in close proximity to you. The elementals may draw upon your energy to assist in this breakdown process. If this happens, you will feel tired & listless as a result. Flowers in the house that are wilting & dying should be removed. This process is natural and usually happens outdoors in nature, where the elementals are able to draw upon the Mother Earths energies. 

Just as every flower is a unique creation, so is every faerie that works with them. Each flower & faerie can teach us something different. 

It is not difficult to learn to work with these unique faeries. The best way to begin is to learn as much about the flowers as possible. Gardeners already have much information about the flowers that they grow, How & where they grow, do they like sun or shade, how much water do they like... These are all things that bring you closer to the flower and its faeries...Every aspect of the flowers growth is linked in some way to faerie activity.
By aligning yourself with the flower faeries you align yourself with one of the most creative aspect of Mother Nature. You open yourself to Creation, Joy, Growth and Sustenance.

Flowers & their Faeries:

The Flower faeries of the Angelica are very beautiful. The plant is from the wild carrot family, and though it may not seem that beautiful, the Faeries belie such impressions. For anyone wishing to connect more fully with the Angelic Kingdom, this is a wonderful flower to learn to commune with. The Faeries of the Angelica strengthen the Aura & bring good fortune and strong energy.


The Faerie spirit of basil often shows itself in more of an Elf form. It holds knowledge of integrating sexuality and spirituality. Wherever basil grows, there is usually a dragon to be found, serving as protector. It also draws dragons when burned as incense. The Faeries and spirits of basil help us awaken greater discipline and devotion...

Black-eyed susan:

The Faeries of this flower can become a wonderful catalyst for change. It often has tremendous insight into emotional aspects of those who come in touch with it. It can help shed light on dark areas of the soul. These Faeries can show how to make the proper changes in your life.


This Flower Faerie is so compassionate & so empathic towards humans that it will help you come to know your own special gifts and how to apply them in this lifetime. This flower & its faerie bring tremendous healing energies & great understanding of the human condition. They are beneficial in helping you rediscover your own worth.


The flower faeries of the carnation will take on the color of the flower itself. They radiate strong feeling of deep love for humans. Their energy is healing to the entire body. Their fragrance & color are tools by which they provide their healings. Contact with them strengthens the Aura & restores a love of self & life.

The flower faeries of mums easily touch the heart. They stimulate vitality, and they can help strengthen the overall life force of the individual. They hold knowledge of how to express one's life force more lovingly as a healing force.


These faeries often have an Elfin quality about them. It is not unusual to find the occasional leprechaun in a field of clover. They assist in finding love & fidelity. They aid in developing psychic abilities. They reveal themselves to people who display kindness towards nature. They appear as flickering lights around the clover. The faeries of White clover are most powerful & apparent around the Full Moon.

The flower faeries of the coleus have a strong effect upon our feminine energies. They can awaken the innate healing energies of the individual. They can stimulate vision of a new spiritual path, one that will enable you to draw upon your own beauty and power. The Coleus flower fearies reveal themselves most readily to those who have ties - real or symbolic, magickal or mythical - to the Arthurian legends and the Beings associated with it. 

The Faeries of this flower can help us to realize our own inner beauty. They are beneficial in teaching us how to achieve deeper levels of meditation, and they bring greater clarity of thought. These faeries always have a wonderful glow about them that causes us to see ourselves in a new light.

This flower is drawing to all faeries, elves and nature spirits. 
Where it is found, nature spirits, even those not associated with the flower, will also be found. It is one of the best flowers to work with to begin communion with the faerie kingdom, as its faeries have no fear of humans and are very open to contact. They stimulate great physical awareness of the presence of nature spirits. The daisy is a favorite flower of  Dryads (Wood Nymphs) and simply sitting among the flowers invites contact. Daisy faeries help awaken creativity and inner strength.

Faerie Lantern:
The energies of the faeries around this flower are very strong. I is important when working with this flower to stay grounded, as you may find yourself becoming "faerie charmed" They have a strong effect upon the imagination, and they are wonderful to work with for anyone wishing to re-awaken or reconnect with the inner child. They awaken the feminine energies that are strong in all prepubescent children. They hold knowledge of re-awakening and re-expression of sexual energies.

Faeries of this flower hold knowledge of Telepathy. They can help us increase telepathic abilities with all of the nature spirits. They stimulate feelings of peace, and occasionally the faerie spirit of this flower will follow individuals around for brief periods to raise the spirits and provide protection. These flower faeries are very protective towards children, and it is beneficial to have them growing in areas where children play.

In the bloom of the heather are faeries that have a unique ability to stimulate greater self-expression. They are especially drawn and open to those children and adults who are shy and introverted. They can facilitate outward expression and manifesting of inner abilities. This is a bloom that seems to have a number of faerie spirits that oversee its growth, rather than just one. This may be due to the fact that it is sometimes considered a tree, although I have never seen a tree spirit with it - only flower faeries.

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